Spring 2001 / Grondzik / 22 March 2001

1. In the term "DX cooling system" ..... the "DX" stands for:

(a) dioxi-xylene -- the refrigerant used for such systems

(b) direct expansion -- a description of system operation

(c) diurnal exclusion -- the daily opened-closed cycle that makes this system work

(d) "don=t exhale" -- a joking, yet serious, reference to the system's inherent toxicity


2. A "split" system:

(a) physically separates the condenser/compressor elements from the evaporator element

(b) is specially designed to provide both heating and cooling

(c) provides a separation between sensible and latent cooling effects, as a way of improving indoor air quality

(d) can not be used in Florida buildings because of the new Florida Energy Code


3. A "chiller" is a component of an active cooling system that:

(a) freezes bacteria and fungi to improve indoor air quality

(b) houses a fan, a filter, a coil, and dampers

(c) a performance-enhancing device added on to a unitary air conditioner

(d) generates chilled water to be used to cool a space (or spaces)


4. A "cooling tower" is used to:

(a) manufacture ice in the deserts of Iran

(b) humidify room air in hot, arid climates

(c) dump heat from a refrigeration system to the outside air

(d) dry crops through the use of the stack effect


5. The fluid circulating through a cooling coil in an air handling unit (AHU):

(a) may be chilled water or refrigerant

(b) will always be chilled water

(c) will always be refrigerant

(d) may be chilled water, condenser water, refrigerant, or steam

Last updated 28 March 2001