Photos of the Indiana Cottage
October 2007

approximately 1,350 sq ft (not including garage and basement)

  Front of house (facade faces east)
  Close-up of front (with flowers)
  Southeast corner of house
  Southwest corner (rear)
  Rear of house (facing west)
  Side patio (on north side of house)
  Back yard, looking south
  Back yard, looking north
  View out front stormdoor (toward northeast)
  Bedroom (southwest corner of house)

13'-9" by 11'-4" (150 sq ft)

with 2 @ bifold closets (19 sq ft total)

  Bedroom (color is more like above)
  Front room (office); window faces east

14'-0" by 12'-0" (168 sq ft)

with sliding door closet (11 sq ft)

  Front room; window faces south

11'-6" by 12'-3" (140 sq ft)

  Kitchen (looking north)

pantry to left is 14 sq ft

window niche is 20 sq ft

  Kitchen (looking through pass-through to rear room)
  Main bathroom (looking south)

7'-8" by 7'-0" (54 sq ft -- including tub and closet)

  Tub/shower in main bathroom
  Half-bath (off of kitchen)

3'-5" by 4'-0" (14 sq ft)

the garage/basement access nook that provides entry to bathroom is 3'-4" by 3'-4" (11 sq ft)

  Fixtures in half-bath
  Living room (at front of house)

20'-0" by 14'-10" (296 sq ft)

built in bookshelves: 2 @ 11" by 44"

  Living room

the hallway to the right connects bedroom, office, and bathroom and is 30 sq ft

the entry nook is 4'-4" by 5'-1" (22 sq ft)

the entry closet (RH side) is 3'-0" by 2'-4" (6 sq ft)

  Living room

there is an area of 10'-0" by 10'-0" (100 sq ft) where the photo is being taken from (part of living room volume but differentiated by low divider) ... could be a dining area

  Back room (at rear of house) -- den? Looking south.

9'-5" by 15'-4" (144 sq ft)
10'-4" by 14'-9" (152 sq ft)


total room area = 296 sq ft

  Back room, looking north
  Basement (rear of house part)
  Basement (front of house part)
  My architecture building office
  View from my architecture office